Four King Hell!
FOUR KING HELL - They're back fighting by moonlight, but winning love? Yeah right!

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It's been over a year since Sailor Moon and her crew were last called to transform. Almost ready to graduate from Juban High, they'd be forgiven for thinking this cherry-blossomed peace could last forever - but fate has a different plan in mind.
For some unknowable reason, villains they've clashed against in the past have been revived in current-day Tokyo, starting with Mamoru's royal guards, the "Four Heavenly Kings". Professing their loyalty but manipulated by unseen forces, can the Sailor Soldiers really trust them? Does it have anything to do with Chibi-Usa's secret return? And will Mamoru ever be able to get back the deposit for his apartment?

Blending influences across all forms of canon - manga, anime, musicals, and live action - full of Easter Eggs and gags but driven by a deepening plot, Four King Hell! has its roots in the omnipresent "SenShi" fandom pairings while staying a story for all Sailor Moon fans.

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We're back!

January 24th, 2019, 10:31 am

There are THREE new pages, so don't miss them! The comic itself is now a total of 6 pages shorter than it was before, though, so don't mistake the numbers.