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Roughly a year after the finale of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Mamoru Chiba came home one afternoon to find that his four Heavenly Guardians - Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite - had been transformed from their gemstone forms into living, breathing human bodies. Why have they been revived? Who's behind it? Are their intentions pure or evil? These are all questions that they should be asking, but so far all they want to do is get with the girls.
Borrowing from various canons, Four King Hell! follows the exploits of a host of Sailor Moon characters as they fight for love, justice, and PG15+ mature themes. Definitely not just for fans of the SenShi pairings, if you've ever enjoyed Sailor Moon, this is the comic for you.

Contains foul language, sexual themes, drug references, and pansexual tree aliens. Hell, let's throw in some bestiality and pedophilia, because it just wouldn't be Sailor Moon without them.

Latest Comic: Pg. 170: Locked Door

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