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In order of appearance in Four King Hell:

Warning: Contains spoilers not both this webcomic and the broader Sailor Moon canon.

Main Characters

Jadeite Jadeite "Minamino"
Age: 18
Zoisite Zoisite
While he can't say that he's 100% disinterested in women, that slim intrigue is what Am might call "approaching zero". He is a snarky, lazy, and above all narcissistic character who won't ease up until he gets what he wants... however, that seems to change with the weather, so he's very hard to please.
Nephrite Nephrite
Nephrite is a brilliant fighter and an intelligent young man, but his knowledge really only stretches to cover two subjects - bloodshed and bodily functions. Put him in a room with another person and he'll often react with explosive and irrational anger or arousal. Seems like the dating type, right?
Kunzite Kunzite
The oldest of the Four Heavenly Kings, Kunzite is as level-headed as one can get. While he isn't above joining in the others' hijinx he usually steers clear of their more elaborate schemes, but is always around to help clean up the inevitable mess.
Mamoru Chiba Mamoru Chiba
Someone has to keep an eye on these guys and in this case, it's the dashingly reliable Tuxedo Mask. He may be the only guy here who actually has a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean he's any better off when it comes to the bet.
Maybe he should start looking for a bigger apartment...
Minako Aino Minako Aino
Three Words:
Crazy Ribbon Lady.
Funny, kooky and loud, Minako is the keenest of the girls to start getting 'closer' to her King. But to what end? Are her motives as one-dimensional as they seem?
Rei Hino Rei Hino
Rei Hino is a smart, independant and strong young woman with a complete and utter disregard for men. With her bossy, cold, no-nonsense attitude, Jadeite might be lucky to come away from his fruitless attempts with only his ego bruised.
Ami Mizuno Ami Mizuno
Ami Mizuno - the brains of the team, with a purported IQ of 300 and well on her way to becoming the youngest doctor in Japan. None of this has managed to grab the attention of Zoisite, though, and considering she can't stand him, she's glad... isn't she?
Usagi Tsukino Usagi Tsukino
You know who Usagi is, right? Why, she's Sailor Moon, of course! Childish, adorable, naive and kind, Usagi is the saviour of the modern world and the benevolent ruler of its future. She's also madly in love with Mamoru, her boyfriend - which you would think would put him in front for the competition, right?
Well, you'd think a lot of things.
Makoto Kino Makoto Kino
As far as the inners go, Makoto is fitter, stronger, and more 'mature' - both physically and romantically. Having her heart broken and living independently from a young age has made her incredibly street-smart, and with superhuman strength, she's not somebody you want to mess with. Unless you're an idiot (Nephrite).
Setsuna Meiou Setsuna Meiou
The solitary guardian of the Door of Time, Sailor Pluto has decided to visit one of her favourite eras on a short "vacation". Things never work out the way you plan, though; now that she's back in the present, she's become ensnared in the tangled web of resurrected foes and supposed "allies" - and the more she discovers, the more concerned she becomes...
Dimande Dimande
Second-in-command of the R-Series bad guys, the Villain Formerly Known as Prince Dimande is now the averagest of Joes. Re-materialising suddenly in 'Olde' Tokyo without warning, through a process of manipulation he's ended up with his arch-rival Mamoru. His current hobbies include attempted regicide and trying to steal his girlfriend.
Saphir Saphir
Dimande's unfortunate younger brother, Saphir is mired in enough humility and guilt for the two of them. He is intelligent and resourceful but spends most of his time running around after Dimande fixing his mistakes and trying, endlessly, to atone for their past sins.
Chibi-Usa...? Chibi-Usa
Chibi-Usa has the odd distinction of being a major character in 4KH! without having yet appeared in the comic. According to Pluto, she's "run away" from the 30th Century after a typical spat with her mother, Neo Queen Serenity; and Helios's sudden arrival from Elysion implies that she's definitely in this timeline. But where? Whatever she's doing, we know that she's quite a bit older than the last time Mamoru + company saw her... and apparently, going through a "phase".
Haruka Tennou Haruka Tennou
The ultimate lady's lady. As one of Hotaru's foster parents, she understands the importance of second chances, and is content to let the Four Kings near the other Soldiers. In fact, she appreciates having a couple more guys she can hang out with, and wouldn't mind it if they stuck around; so long as they're on their very best behaviour.
Hotaru Tomoe Hotaru Tomoe
Sailor Saturn has a dark and sinister past, one she fears has never completely left her. Even after her rebirth, she now finds herself plagued by nightmare visits from a mysterious winged horse known as "Chrysaor", who appears to have taken something important from her. Is it time for the Soldier of Destruction to fight again? And could the world survive it?
Chrysaor Related Character: Chrysaor
A ghostly black pegasus that appeared in Hotaru's nightmare; he called her his "mistress", and told her that the "Second Silence" would soon come. What - if any - is his relation to the mysterious Master Nineteen? And just what did he take from Hotaru?
Michiru Kaioh Michiru Kaioh
Michiru hasn't appeared much in 4KH yet, but we know she's still acting as one of Hotaru's mothers. She is the only one that Hotaru has, so far, told about her dreams with Chrysaor - how will Michiru handle the situation?
''Master Nineteen'' "Master Nineteen"
Not much is known about this ominous, mischievous figure, but he's certainly cemented himself as the villain. He's targeting the Sailor Soldiers, but to what end? Is he connected to the Death Busters, or to Chrysaor? Only time will tell.

Secondary/Minor/Special Characters:

Ittou Asanuma Ittou Asanuma
A student at Jadeite's highschool and one of his few non-magical friends. He has a somewhat unhealthy and barely-veiled obsession with Mamoru, his old senior from school, and used to carry around a notepad at all times to make notes of his behaviour. But surely he's moved on now that Mamoru's graduated. Right?
Ali & En Ali & En (Seijurou & Natsumi Ginga)
And now they're back! From outer space!
That's right, everyone's favourite R-Season Filler aliens are back on earth for a little 'vacation'. What they constitute as normal 'touristy' behaviour, though, we're still not sure. Nor do we know just how long they plan on sticking around...
Yuu & Fo Related Characters: Yuu & Fo
It's been a few years since we last saw Ali + En, and thanks to their species' accelerated growth speed, they've ended up with a couple of little anklebiters of their own. Yuu (left - male) and Fo (right - female) are their precocious children, and with influences like Ali + En, who knows what they'll get up to.
Yumemi Yumeno aka "Angel"
Yumemi is a talented and famous (if socially awkward) artist, with a dark secret - she's an obsessive yaoi fangirl. This time, she's set her sights on the Four Kings. Within the comic she is the authoress of the "Strawberry Panic Brigade" yaoi doujinshi, ensnaring the unsuspecting Jadeite + Yuuichirou to pose as models.
Outside of the comic, she goes by the nickname 'Angel', and works with a group of likeminded fanatics to find as much as they can about the male characters in this comic. Her work - along with that of Photographer K.S, codename 'Shutterbug', and writer T.T, codename 'Fantasy' - can be found on the occasions they "hack" Jadeite's LiveJournal.
Luna Luna
Say, you remember Luna, don't you? Usagi's snappy feline guardian, who's always there to balance out her crazy schemes with some good old-fashioned guilt trippin'? Well, nothing's changed. while Usagi might be all well and happy with the continued resurrection of ex-villains, Luna's a trifle more concerned, and she's not about to let Usagi forget it.
Grandpa! Grandpa Hino
Hey there, pretty lady! Would you like to work at my temple?
Grandpa Hino is Rei's perverted and surprisingly agile grandfather, and the head Priest of the Hikawa Shrine. Despite frequently abusing his position, he boasts a strong spiritual power, including exorcisms, divination and channeling. It's this power that lets him sense that Jadeite has a 'demon' inside him; he just doesn't care, because a handsome foreign boy = lots of pretty highschool girls coming to buy wards and horse carvings.
Yuuichirou Yuuichirou Kumada
Yuuichirou is a live-in shrine worker, a nomadic bum, and Rei's biggest fanboy. This means he is Jadeite's #1 Rival in trying to get her to notice they exist. Strong, handsome and already popular with Rei's grandfather, he poses an intimidating threat, as Rei hates the both of them equally.
Kotono Sarashina Kotono Sarashina
A classmate of Rei's at the T*A Girl's Academy, Kotono is the leader of the "Supernatural Phenomena Club", dedicated to all things paranormal. After Rei's assistance with their school's culture festival, she and hordes of other star-struck, impressionable young students formed the "Queen Rei Fanclub", dedicated to upholding a lifestyle "that Rei-sama would approve of". They spend a lot of time and resources weeding out perceived annoyances in Rei's life, and at the moment... that's Jadeite.
Kanoko + Shizuka Related Characters: Kanoko + Shizuka
The most senior members of the "Queen Rei Fanclub" after Kotono, Kanoko (kogal on left) and Shizuka (yankee on right) are the "muscle" of the group. They first fell in admiration with Rei when they saw her give a live concert for another culture festival, and since then, they've followed in her footsteps. Sometimes literally.
Koan Koan
The youngest of the four Ayakashi sisters of the Black Moon Clan, Koan was also the first to be cleansed by the Silver Crystal and discover life as an ordinary human... and it was all thanks to Rei's kindness. Since she did pretend to be a T*A student at one point, she's an honorary member of her Fanclub, and is very useful for getting information other students cannot. As one of Rei's closest friends outside the Soldiers, Jadeite's kept looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes.
Petz Petz
Petz is, in many ways, the opposite of her younger sister Koan; the oldest of the Ayakashi sisters and the last to be cleansed, she also has a lot of baggage. In love with their Prince's brother Saphir, they shared a fateful night three years ago before his death, and it was a long time before she could move on. Of course, now that he's come back to life, it should be a fairytale ending, right? Well, not quite. Petz has told Saphir that she already has a boyfriend, but... is it true?
Beryl Beryl
She's unforgettable. The fear-inspiring Overlady of the Dark Kingdom is now reduced to a whispery shadow of her former self, re-appearing in the present time with no powers, no strength, and no will. Living on the streets, she's caught the attention of Sailor Pluto, and it seems that she knows more than she's letting on...
Helios Helios
He may only be a teenager, but Helios is the guardian of the land of dreams, Elysion, where he protects the Earth and the Golden Crystal from harm. It's been a slow season, though, so he thought it was as good a time as any to come up and visit the surface world! His old Stallion Reve told him that Chibi-Usa was in this time, though it would appear he's mistaken - but he seems much more concerned about seeing the Four Kings alive and in the flesh.
Amazon Trio Related Characters: Amazon Trio
1, 2, 3! After Helios used the Golden Crystal to give these three Dream Mirrors and turn them into real humans, they've been living with him in the fields of Elysion. Now that he's come back to our world, Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye and Fisheye are with him, and ready to cause some mischief.
Ryo Urawa Ryo Urawa
Wait, what? That Ryo Urawa? Yep. It's funny what daddy issues and an unrequited first love can do to a guy. In Ryo's case, it got him a gym membership and a place in the "Thirteenth Hour" performing troupe as the seer "Trance". He had a vision that the Sailor Soldiers would be attacked in the near future, and invited Ami and the others out to warn her - but it seems like he's just been a pawn, and has unwittingly lured them into a trap.
Nergal Nergal
One of the Oppositio Senshi from Sailor Moon: Another Story, and a counterpart to Sailor Mars, Nergal has been brought into this continuity working with (or under?) Master Nineteen. After a brief encounter with Sailors Jupiter, Mercury and Mars, she started losing after an initial upper hand, running away as soon as she could... or so it seems.

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