Four King Hell - Page 138

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[The action splices between Minako and Usagi in the audience, and Ryo, Ami and the others backstage.]
[The lights around the stage start to dim and Usagi panics, while Minako looks around excitedly.]
USAGI: Wahh! It got darker! Why'd it get darker!?
MINAKO: Ooh, it must be about to start!
[Backstage, Ryo smiles reassuringly.]
RYO: But you have the upper hand! / My visions span further and further into the future now. If they don't know that you know they're coming, you can take them by surprise.
[A mysterious, shadowy figure stands on stage, backlit by a spotlight so his features are indistinguishable. The crowd cheers "Psych! Psych! Psych!"]
[Backstage, Ami nods resolutely.]
AMI: If they're coming for us, do they know who we are?
[In the audience, Usagi points a shaky finger towards the stage, but something has piqued Minako's suspicion.]
USAGI: A-at least Psych doesn't look scary...
[Backstage, Ryo rubs his head, apologetic.]
RYO: I'm sorry. You know I'd tell you if I got anything else, but... / It was too brief.
[In the audience, Minako shifts her stance, frowning.]
MINAKO: That's not Psych.
[Backstage, Ami tries to smile.]
AMI: Don't be sorry! / At least we have time to prepare for the worst.
[On stage, as the crowd screams for Psych, the shadowy figure smiles.]

Posted November 9th, 2011, 12:05 pm

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Page 138

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James Birdsong commented (November 9th, 2011, 7:40 pm):

Wow o_o

BLL (Guest) commented (November 13th, 2011, 4:53 am):
Minako looks like she's getting her SRSBIZNESS face on. woot!

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