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Loyal Moonies and readers of Four King Hell!. Let's not avoid the subject; from the very first page, this comic has largely revolved around


Sure, romance is a part of it too, and hopefully humour. Nowadays some plot is even trying to get its foot in the door. But, from the time Jadeite stood up from his computer and lectured everyone on the importance of "getting some", sex has played its part in making this comic what it is.
A comic about sex.

Basically I'm segueing into fanservice.

So! The idea of fanservice is that it should be, primarily, for the enjoyment of fans. So rather than arbitrarily pick who should be drawn with chest out and muscles a-rippling, or over-enthusiastically aspire to draw everyone, I'm going to let you decide!

Vote for which 4KH characters you'd like to see all sexed up. Here's the twist: there are no solo options. Every choice is a pair.
As for how many I'll draw, optimally, I'd like to draw the top two or three results for both the Boys and Girls. But, you know me; this might change into just the top pairs.
Edit:: Worth noting also is that the same character will not be drawn twice. So if two pairs with one common character both get voted in, one with fewer votes won't get drawn. Them's the breaks!

Please note that the duos are not necessarily meant to be romantic. The pairs will be drawn on a sliding scale of "hanging all over each other" to "merely standing in the same room, flexing".
Vote! Vote! Go vote!

Four King Hell! Fanservice Duos: The Boys
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Four King Hell! Fanservice Duos: The Girls
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